You can now mint a pair of sneakers here: https://ntr1-meta.swappable.io/

Each pair of sneakers costs $300, available to purchase in ETH, USDC or by FIAT.

NTR1-META sneakers are on the Polygon blockchain.

Once you buy your sneaker box, you can open it whenever you wish, to reveal the contents.

You can unbox your sneakers here.

You can wear NTR1-META sneakers in the Decentraland metaverse.

Yes they are! These are linked wearables, so you can trade the NFTs on Swappable and wear them in Decentraland.

If you own an NTR1-META NFT, you will automatically have the sneakers as wearables in your backpack in Decentraland. If you sell or transfer the NFT to another wallet, you will lose them from your backpack and appear in the backpack of the new wallet.

There are 5,000 NTR1-META NFTs in the collection, across 37 variations.

You can buy as many as you want. Buy to wear in Decentraland, trade on the Swappable marketplace, or to max out your sneaker collection in real life.

Your sneakers can only live in the metaverse or in real life, and you will burn the NFT to redeem the physical pair. But, if you’re lucky enough to own a legendary pair of NTR1-METAs, you will be able to wear them both in the metaverse and in real life.

There will be windows of redemption to claim the physical sneakers, beginning in fall 2022. Join the community to follow for updates on the process.

There is no cost to claim the physical sneakers, and no additional cost for shipping, we’ve got you covered! International customs charges may apply depending on your location.

NTR1-METAs are minted (registered on the blockchain) on the Polygon blockchain. You will need ETH on Polygon (WETH) or USDC on Polygon to pay in crypto, or a credit card to pay in FIAT. Our minting process supports the MetaMask wallet. On the purchase page you will find instructions, or head into our Discord and our team can help you with the process.

You will need to get yourself a MetaMask wallet – click the hyperlink to get started.

Yes you can. When you purchase the NFT, you can either pay in cryptocurrency that you have in your wallet, or simply top up your wallet with funds using your credit card following the payment instructions.

Yes you can trade these NFTs on Swappable. Once you sell the NFT the sneakers will disappear from your backpack in Decentraland, and move to the backpack of the new owner.

No you can’t. These are linked wearables, which means they’re only tradable as NFTs.

Phygital is a combination of both the words physical and digital, as you can wear these sneakers exploring the metaverse or in real life. There are no boundaries.

The moment you unlock your sneaker box, or purchase a pair of sneakers on the secondary market, you will have the wearable pair in your Decentraland backpack.

There will be windows of redemption, with the first window of redemption in fall 2022.

Soon – we’re working on some exciting collaborations to reveal soon.

You can trade your sneakers on Swappable and OpenSea.

Swappable, TrustSwap and Another-1. Three big players in the crypto and NFT space pushing boundaries.